Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Random things
From: (Rich Rosen)
Date: 1990-04-23, 19:05

> > The person who said that the pilot was "obviously pieced together from
> > several episodes, with commercial breaks in the wrong places" was way
> > off the mark.  The two-hour pilot WAS filmed as a separate movie, and
> > shown at film festivals as such (in Miami, for instance).  Lynch just
> > likes to fade to black now and then; it's especially helpful to have it
> > as part of the filming style since you'll be forced to do it for
> > commercials anyway.

It was my understanding that ABC went through a lot of wrangling about Twin
Peaks.  They were apparently not at all sure about its success (hence the
scheduling - *), and there was talk for a while that, due to the extremely
 nature of the show, ABC would air the pilot
without commercials, leading many people to the conclusion that "Oh, they just
couldn't get sponsors for this weird show".  Perhaps the reality wound up
somewhere in between:  judging from the length between fades to commercial
black, ABC might have sold commercial time only in alternating commercial
break slots within the film.

(*) - It should also be considered that maybe the talk about ABC's worrying,
about the lack of sponsors, about the "bad" scheduling, etc., were
deliberately manufactured to create an atmosphere of concern and interest
in which weirdos like us who like the strange and bizarre, who consider
network TV to be a waste of time, and who spend time overanalyzing stuff
like this would inevitably start watching the show, eventually falling into
the same addictive TV-soap-watching pattern as those who watch Dallas, Knots
Landing, and Wheel of Fortune.  This would mean that ABC was not only NOT
worried about the show's success, they were actually convinced of it, to
the point where they scheduled it to go head to head against major
competition.  (This is, of course, too far fetched.  Network executives and
advertising conmen would NEVER stoop to a dirty trick like this, and we're
all far too intelligent to fall for such a trick if they did, right?)

Gee, this is almost as much fun as analyzing the show itself. :-)
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	Rich Rosen