Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Some details from the Frost folks
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-04-23, 18:02

In article <>, (Paul Raveling) writes:
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> > 	Here's the essence of what I learned last night from
> > 	a phone call to my distant relation in the Frost family...

	One more thing that would be of interest to the Europeans
	who I hope aren't getting spoiled by reading this...
	although this is so confusing that there may be no such thing
	as a spoiler.

	Twin Peaks will be delayed a fair bit in Europe, except for
	the pilot of course.  The scheduling problem comes in producing
	PAL masters (U.S. TV uses NTSC); apparently this is a slower
	process than I'd have guessed.  At this time the PAL
	masters are finished for only 2 of the 7 1-hour episodes.

Paul Raveling