Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Some details from the Frost folks
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-04-23, 09:15

	Here's the essence of what I learned last night from
	a phone call to my distant relation in the Frost family...

	1.  The strange speech in the dream sequence was in fact
	    done by the say-backwards/play-backwards technique.

	2.  An inquiry about one of the ~3-frame flashes at the start
	    of the dream sequence met with a "can't disclose anything
	    about that" response.  Seems likely that 1 or more of those
	    flashes could be significant to future turns in the plot.

	3.  The Frost/Lynch collaboration so far has been mainly
	    in creation through production of the pilot and Lynch's
	    episode (last week's).  During production of the other
	    programs Lynch was physically elsewhere, working on
	    a film called "Wild at Heart".  (This film will debut
	    at Cannes in May.)  Lynch returned to direct last week's
	    show, which is the only one that was shot out of order.

	4.  I was confused about episode sequencing, calling the pilot
	    #1.  They identify show #1 as the 1st following the pilot,
	    so this week's will be #3 (not #4).

	5.  My impression is that ABC was extremely doubtful that
	    Twin Peaks woulds succeed; in fact they may have expected
	    it to flop.  Thus the awkward scheduling, opposite Cheers
	    and Mystery.

	    I asked where to write to offer ABC a supporting opinion
	    for Twin Peaks, and the exact answer is still pending.
	    It'll probably be some particular destination in their
	    Century City office.

Paul Raveling