Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Same Actors (was Re: Euro version)
From: jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (Quest For Oom Pa Pa)
Date: 1990-04-23, 08:43
Reply-to: gaffa!jsd (Jon Drukman)

> >/ / (BBS Account) / 11:23 am  Apr 18, 1990 /
>> >> Incidentally, Lynch sure does stick with actors he likes, doesn't
>> >> he?  Not only Kyle McLachlan, but also Jack Nance of Eraserhead.

And why not?  If you were directing someone and found him or her to be
a talented, capable actor/actress, wouldn't YOU want to use them
again?  Lots of directors have done this.  Two modern examples that
spring to mind are Terry Gilliam and Ken Russell.  (Notice how Russell
in particular has used Sammi Davis and Amanda Donohoe in his last five
or so films...)

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