Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Why the killer won't be revealed, maybe
From: adamba@microsoft.UUCP (Adam BARR)
Date: 1990-04-23, 15:16

Here's something that I think nobody has mentioned...the sheriff's
name is Harry S. Truman. I seem to remember that there was a U.S.
president named Harry S. Truman, sometime in the late 1800's (I
think??). Is this a coincidence or is Lynch trying to tell us

Also, "David Lynch" and "Twin Peaks" have the same number of letters!!
Well, almost. I think this is very important!!!!!

Seriously folks....

1) The sandwich scene made me pretty uncomfortable too. I think it
was because I was thinking "how can these people be breathing with
those sandwiches stuffed in their mouths". I was getting short of
breath just watching it, thinking "OK, just chew and swallow a bit...

2) It seemed that when Donna's parents said good night it was around
9 o'clock. When Donna said to James "will we be together?" it was
more like midnight. The camera focused on the grandfather clock
both times so maybe Lynch wanted us to wonder what they were doing
for three hours. Or maybe I misread the clock the first time.

This last one is random, I don't really believe it either...

3) About the dream sequence, the fact that Cooper was old seems to
imply that he was dreaming about after he died. It's in the future,
so that's why the dwarf knows that his favourite gum is about to come
back in style. They are in some antechamber in St. Peter's office
(or something), and the place where they come from is heaven, where
there's flowers and music, etc. Obviously only people who are dead
can hang around there, which is why Cooper assumes that the girl
who looks like Laura really IS Laura. When it turns out that she's
Laura's cousin, he realizes that it's Laura's cousin who was found
dead, not Laura, and Laura is still alive. So, maybe she faked her
own death because she wanted out of her life which had become too
complicated. Cooper's subconscious has noticed some inconsistency
which makes it clear that Laura is still alive, and the dream is
its way of pointing this out to him. The inconsistency might be
related in some way to the music that Audrey is playing. I think
she was probably playing it in her room, Cooper heard this while
he was asleep and that triggered the dream. I.e., when he woke
up and was snapping his fingers to the music he really was hearing
it (maybe not, that's not important to this fascinating analysis).
Maybe Audrey is the only one that Laura confided her scheme to,
and she inadvertently let something slip (or maybe the note, which
Cooper knows is from her, was significant once Cooper found out
from Harry that One Eyed Jack's was a bordello).

Ergo, Lynch can say things like "Laura Palmer's killer will not be
named in the seventh show" because there isn't one. The fact that
it wasn't Laura has not been noticed because the autopsy was such
an "amateur hour" affair that nobody checked that the body was really
hers (since they had no reason to doubt it). Hey, maybe Laura had
plastic surgery and then went back to her job at One Eyed Jack's
as the "new girl".

As Neils Bohr once said, "your theory is crazy, but not crazy enough
to be correct".

- Adam Barr