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Subject: arms bent
Date: 1990-04-24, 19:25

This is a test line, since the server seems to be deleting the first paragraph
of my posts...

And now for the real message: It seems to me that if one's arms "bend back" it
means that one is *double jointed*.  What this actually means is anyone's
guess, but it's yet another doubling image in this show.  I would hasten to
point out to people that the mere fact that something in this show means
something and is really there (ie, not reading too much into things) does not
mean that it has anything at all to do with the actual murder.  There's stuff
going on here beyond the murder mystery.  I think the most brilliant move Lynch
could make would be if he sets it up so that when we figure out who did it,
we'll no longer care, or at least feel no sense of triumph.
Andy Perry; Swarthmore College OR AWP92@swarthmr

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