Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Hawk & Ronette and a few other things I haven't seen mentioned
From: (John Hallyburton)
Date: 1990-04-24, 07:07

Can some reader of this newsgroup (and remember it is YOUR newsgroup,
democratically elected -- oops, wrong TP :-) explain why deputy Hawk
seemed to present incorrect information to agent Cooper?  To wit:

In the hospital, just outside Ronette's room, Hawk is inquiring of her
parents what Ronette did for a living.  Mama tearfully explains that
she worked at (Horne's dept store? at) the perfume counter.  She was
a, a, sales girl ... .  The interview is cut short when the one-
armed man makes a sudden appearance.  

Later on Cooper tells Truman that Hawk reported that Ronette had recently
quit her job at the perfume counter for unstated reasons.  As near as I
can see, Hawk had no knowledge that Ronette had quit her job.  And if
Hawk had gone to the store to inquire further, it would have been easy 
enough for Cooper to mention that to Truman.  This is probably just a
dangling thread, but bothers me.  

Could the dream sequence "floating thing" have been a reference to a bird?  

Why was Ronette allowed to live, anyway?

Could "FIRE WALK WITH ME" be reinterpreted as "FIREWALK WITH ME"?  In reference
to the custom of lovers walking over hot coals?

And just what is the correct line from the dream:

	"One chance _____ between two worlds"

With Laura's lookalike cousin coming soon, anybody taking bets on Laura's
mother's reaction to seeing her?

  John (Another "J", no I never met Laura Palmer)