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Subject: More mindless speculation
From: doog@SSD.CSD.HARRIS.COM (Doug Scofield)
Date: 1990-04-24, 06:17

> > In article <1990Apr22.192318.18117> (Kem Luther) writes:
> >
> >Who was it that popularized the term "Let's rock?"
> > 

It may be a reference to Cooper's throwing the rocks at the jar.

I wish I had taped the third episode.  There's one thing about
the whole rock-throwing scene that keeps popping into my head 
that I'd love to check out.  Cooper essentially implied that 
the subconscious would straighten his aim when a significant 
stimulus (name) was mentioned.  Perhaps, and I'm reaching here,
the significant stimulus turned out not to be the obvious name,
but rather the way the name was said (by the sheriff), or some 
other event closely tied with the reading of each name.  Maybe
Cooper's subconscious keyed on a quaver in Truman's voice or
an oddity in his phrasing (yes, the sheriff is near the top of
my current suspect list :-).

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