Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More thoughts.......
From: (Brian Roddy)
Date: 1990-04-24, 00:29

Well, here are some ideas:

"Let's Rock" - just like the famous Tibetan Rock throwing method to find
	       who did it.  To paraphrase, "let's find out the killer."

"Convenience Store" - The Horne Brother's store where Ronette worked.

"Gum" - Here is a stretch: BlackJack -> BJ -> (B)en and (J)erry.

"She is my cousin" - If the midget is Audrey, that means Laura is Jerry's
			daughter.  Is that why Leland has blood on
			his hands?

"Had those vikings by the horns/hornes" - and the antlers <-> horne reference.

What is the deal with the many crippled references.  One-eyed jack.  One-eyed
Nadine.  Bent back arms.  One armed man.  Autistic son of Ben.  Mrs. Palmer 
in a wheelchair.

Also isn't Jerry the psycho from "Dreamscape"?  I thought so.

Waiting for Thursday,
	Brian			"Clean and Reasonably Priced."