Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: One-Eyed Jack and other
From: (Scott James Ladewig)
Date: 1990-04-24, 09:45

In looking at the tape from the last episode, the sign 
on the dock at One-Eyed Jack's doesn't show which suit,
but it is a red jack looking to the right (don't play
cards much so don't know if they all look that way or
Also, my roommate and I were reviewing the dream sequence
in frame by frame, and we hadn't noticed nefore that when Mike
is talking, he appears to be in the morgue/autopsy room, whatever 
they call it.  There's one of those scales behind his left shoulder
and other lab looking equipment. Would be consistent with where
we first see him, going into that part of the hospital.
Scott "Cheesehead" Ladewig