Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: (Joe Christy)
Date: 1990-04-24, 07:17

In article (Dave Brennan) writes:
	[ ... in response to several other articles which I have deleted,
	about footballs in the woods, and how Leo could have tossed his,
	through the trees, in the dark, onto the hood of the car.]
> >Yea, I heard that, but it seemed to me that they ran pretty far, and with
> >all those trees, I find it hard to believe that Leo could have hit the car
>from where he was standing.  Especially with a cut open football.  I guess
> >I could be wrong.

	The football on the hood of the car was an intact miniature, while
one that Leo was holding was a cut-open full-sized ball, filled with
cash. My bet is that whoever was behind the trees left it on the car
on their way out, following the high school stooges.
	Maybe Cooper spit out that damn good coffee because it had fish in
it and he didn't want the fish planter to know that he was onto them.
and maybe the dream was trying to tell us that the series will
only make sense when viewed backwards ;)
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