Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: davidbe@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)
Date: 1990-04-24, 18:08
Reply-to: dave@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)

Yo!  Dig what (Dave Brennan) sez:
-In article <0093592D.68A04240@MAPLE.CIRCA.UFL.EDU> (Nija/Pwcca/Manitou) writes:
-   Huh?? Didn't you hear Leo say "Go out for a pass" while he was holding
-   the football? Then, when the guys got back to the car, the football
-   suddenly landed on the hood. Leo is apparently a pretty good
-   quarterback...
-Yea, I heard that, but it seemed to me that they ran pretty far, and with
-all those trees, I find it hard to believe that Leo could have hit the car
-from where he was standing.  Especially with a cut open football.  I guess
-I could be wrong.

I don't think so.  Consider; Leo would have had to throw the football
past two jocks without their noticing.  So if he didn't whip it by them,
he would have had to go above the tree line.  Take a look at that forest;
there's not much space between branches.  And that's not even talking
about the problem of having the football land *exactly* right.

My guess is that that football was a replacement for the one that was
left behind at the tree.  Anyone wanna lay bets on a connection between
Leo and the one-armed man?

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