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Subject: Re: convenience store?
From: rwh@visual.UU.NET (Robert W. Holzel)
Date: 1990-04-24, 11:32
Reply-to: rwh@visual.UUCP (Robert W. Holzel)

In article <40208@cornell.UUCP> (Pamela Jean Culbreth) writes:
> >Anyone care to venture a guess on the significance
> >of "living above a convenience store" metioned
> >in Cooper's dream?
> >
> >-pam-

Even more significantly, the phrase was worded something like "we
lived above what you would call a convenience store," implying that
the bearded guy can from a time or place where the concept of such
a place is unfamiliar to him.  After he is finished speaking the
long-haired guy seems to be looking around for him as if overhearing
him speaking, calling out his name the way someone would if they
thought they were listening to a ghost.

The idea of time differentials being involved is looking more and more
correct.  Either the bearded guy comes from the past or the future.
Perhaps he is the temptor who has prompted the murderer to do the
killings.  Things are starting to look very Satanic.