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Subject: Re: Geography of Twin Peaks
From: eyeater@pbs.uucp
Date: 1990-04-24, 06:53

In article <685@unicorn.WWU.EDU>, n8949802@unicorn.WWU.EDU (nadja adolf) writes:
> > In article <661@ssc.UUCP> markz@ssc.UUCP (Mark Zenier) writes:
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>> >>The inconsistency (in addition to the wrong pitch of the foghorn) was how 
>> >>clean the beach was.  If it was the sort of tide to wash up a body, I'd 
>> >>expect to find a couple of bleach bottles, a dead seagull, and a used
>> >>condom or two.  
>> >>
>> >>Markz@ssc.uucp 
> > 
> > Well, other inconsistencies are
> > 1) EXACTLY what state line can you walk across near the coast in Washington?
> >    You could cross an international border, but not a state line.

	Right.  I believe that the series is set INLAND, on a river near a 
	lake.  I don't think the sea has anything to do with it.  If you look
	at the Northeastern corner of Washington, there are plenty of lakes
	and rivers to set a television series near.  The fact that Agent Cooper
	would be out of his jurisdiction if he visited One-Eyed Jack's should
	be taken into consideration...

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