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Subject: Re: mixed time periods
From: dakad@mit-caf.MIT.EDU (Kevin Delin)
Date: 1990-04-24, 21:51
Reply-to: dakad@mit-caf.UUCP (Kevin Delin)

In article <> (Harrison) writes:
> >jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (Rotund For Success) writes:
> >
>> >> Audrey appears to be right out of the 1940's.  Not all of the cars
>> >> appear to be right up to date (this is true of most of the world, but
>> >> it seemed to be an intentional thing.  note how bobby's car was late
>> >> 60's/early 70's and his character appears to be a mix of 1950's James
>> >> Dean and any generic 1980's psychopath.)
> >
> >I will note that the "timelessness" in Twin Peaks reminds me of the
> >set and background characters from _Batman_.  (No flames, please.)  
> >Anton "Dune" Furst's work on _Batman_ was incredible -- the cars and
> >clothing styles were very 1940's.  However, everything else in the
> >film pointed to modernism, leaving you with a world where fashion never
> >made it past the early 50's.
> >

Lynch also did this, of course, in Blue Velvet.  The stangest example of
it in a recent movie, however, would have to be "Prizzi's Honor."  That
movie is not supposed to be "weird" and yet the setting is a mish-mash
of 40's and 50's technology (look at microphones and cars, not to
mention some attitudes) with 70's decor, 80's fashions, etc.  I always
thought it was supposed to give the piece a sense of timelessness
(rather than like the Godfather which is tied to the 40's).  This may
be precisely the same effect Lynch is after.