Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: That is our theory, it is ours, and belongs to us and we own it, and what it is too
From: glenn@hpldola.HP.COM (Glenn Sisson)
Date: 1990-04-24, 18:49

After watching episode 2 with two friends (not twins), we stayed up for
3 hours discussing possibilities.  We were sober, at least we were by
the end of the three hour period, so some of the ideas (much of which I
can't remember, having overdosed on 'Twin Peaks' that night) should hold
some water.  Some theories exist below.  Come this Saturday we are going
to have a marathon and watch all episodes again.  We plan to have plenty
of joe (hot) and donuts arranged in a dream-like matrix.  "Ready on that
pause button"....


Theory #1, which is ours, and that it is:

   The rock that Dale throws for Leo Johnson, was in fact supposed to be
   the rock thrown for "Jack with one eye", but he incorrectly had that
   entry erased.  Thus the bottle breaks for "Jack with one eye", not
   for Leo.  No rock thrown for Leo.  Leo is probably just a subplot.
   "Jack with one eye" seems to direct one toward the cathouse, but lots
   of things direct one toward the cathouse too, of course.  Thus,
   "Nervous about meeting J", means Laura was nervous about starting
   work at the brothel perhaps.


   We had a lot of other extended ideas and thoughts on the show after
   the 2nd episode (we count the pilot as #0), but still have lots of
   holes in them.  Our analysis of the dream indicates that Mike and Bob
   are/were/will_be from some other world or worlds.  They can exist in
   our world ("magicians"?), and lived above a convenience store, but
   want to go back to their world ("...chance out between two

   Mike seems to be controlling this dream that Dale is having.  He is
   telling Dale who he is, and he is also showing Dale who Bob is.  He
   is warning Dale about Bob.  The dwarf in the dream may have been
   'struggling' for control of the dream and finally wrestles it away
   from Mike.  The dwarf seems to be in a 'bad' other world, and perhaps
   Bob sacrificed Laura in a ritual to see if she would go to the world
   he wanted to go to (a good world).

   Also, lots of satanic hints we think.  'Lets Rock': religious
   fanatics feel rock is the music of the Devil.  'Backwards': sound and
   video filmed backwards; arms bend back.  'Red': lots of red in the
   curtains and the dwarfs suit.  It appears that maybe Bob is killing
   people in a satanic rite to try to get back to his world.  "the
   magician longs to see, one chance out between two worlds..."

--- glenn, pat and ric