Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Pundits Peer at Peaks!
From: (Student)
Date: 1990-04-25, 11:03
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Excerpt From the Washington Times, 4/25/90,  Page F3

"I've been brooding for months over the diagnosis by Latin
American novelist Mario Vargas Llosa, ... that capitalism has
the disadvantage of never having generated a mystique
or utopian vision.  Poets and writers want to transcend
reality, says Mr. Vargas, and they despise "mediocrity  ."
Whereas they should tolerate mediocrity because what looks 
mediocre to them has brought us progress.

And it occurs to me that "Twin  Peaks has done a heroic
thing in not only tolerating mediocrity but enshrining it.
I don't know whether this series will succeed in giving America an
informing vision, providing supremely mediocre emotional answers 
for all the spiritual needs of capitalism, but darn, it's made a brave try.
					--- Richard Grenier

Another quote from the same editorial:

	It's surrealistically mediocre.  The FBI man
tells you he likes cherry pie six times, and you
get this spooky feeling about him and cherry pie.