Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: necklaces
From: (Sandra Jessica Smyth)
Date: 1990-04-25, 12:08

In article <> (mccurdy m) writes:
:  In article <> (Sean Davey) writes:
:  >how many necklaces are there?  if the murdered girl's secret boyfriend had
:  >one half, and so did her shrink, and supposedly the FBI knows about it
:  >somehow (they're looking for the other half), that's too many halfs.
:  >	Sean
:  	I firmly believe that there is only one necklace. Having more than
:  one would serve no purpose in the story/plot. As to who dug it up, with the
:  info we have so far, it is the doctor. That may well change.
I don't buy that at all. The beauty of a well-written detective or
thriller is that clues need *not* be what they appear to be. 

After all, there is no reason why she couldn't have had another heart
necklace and given half to the skrink. (God knows how many signet
rings I have passed out in my career.)

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