Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Penn 6-5000
From: (Mark Crovella)
Date: 1990-04-25, 11:20

In article <4839@scorn.sco.COM> dave@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat) writes:
> >Funny how now that Laura's mom has controlled her grief (she seemed more
> >in control, anyway) that dad broke down. [...]

OK, I have been laughed at for this idea locally, so I might
as well post it, and be laughed at globally :-) 

... I bet that Laura hid the missing drugs somewhere in
the house, then they got mixed in with the food.  This would
lead to Laura's mom's hallucination in Episode 1 and Laura's
dad's picture-dance in Episode 2.  Remember Laura's mom says
"what is going on in this house?" as if she felt that
something weird was going on...


"You punks owe me $10,000!  Leo needs a new pair of boots!"