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Subject: The Lamurians (was Re: Hawk & Ronette and ...)
From: wwd@cellar.uucp (Bill Donahue)
Date: 1990-04-25, 17:10
Reply-to: wwd@cellar.UUCP (Bill Donahue)

>> >>And just what is the correct line from the dream:
>> >>
>> >>	"One chance _____ between two worlds"
>> >>

Interesting is this account from the New York Times of April 8th:

"But the first Lynch-Frost venture, "The Lamurians," about a squad of
detectives who root out an infiltration of alien beings, never saw the
light of the screen. NBC [boooo, hissss - wwd] which had hired them to
develop the idea, decided not to commission a pilot."

So I suggest that there might be elements from this old project in
"Twin Peaks"; perhaps instead of infiltration from another place,
it is infiltration from another time...

I cross-posted to rec.arts.sf-lovers, not merely because it is in my
perverse nature to do so, but hoping that someone frequenting a `con'
might have come across some further information about this failed
project of Lynch and Frost, "The Lamurians". Any drafts, etc. ?