Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TV Times, football, Sun, damn good food
From: adamba@microsoft.UUCP (Adam BARR)
Date: 1990-04-25, 16:56

1) This is the blurb about this week's episode from the local paper's
TV Times:

"The townsfolk gather for Laura Palmer's funeral; Cooper ponders
his dream about the killer; Truman tells Cooper about the Bookhouse

Nothing in there about revealing da moiderer. Well, since my current
theory is that Laura Palmer faked her own death I'm not worried, but
who wants to bet that Cooper just slimes out of telling Truman anything?

The Bookhouse Boys have been mentioned before...can anyone remember??

OK, I'm easy. When Ed Hurley is picking James up at the jail, as they
are leaving James says something like "I'll have to be careful for a
while, we may have to call the Bookhouse Boys" and his uncle says
"already taken care of".

2) I think it's correct that Leo threw the football at the hood of the
car. It might be clearer if we can hear what Mike said to Bobby right
at that point, but I couldn't understand it. Anyone? Also, when they
are talking in the woods Leo says "Laura was a wild girl" and Bobby
says "Yeah, tell me about it", and Leo says "maybe....someday". I
guess we already know that Leo was selling coke that Laura was using
etc, but since Bobby also knew that there must be something even more
sinister that Laura and Leo were involved in.

3) On the front page of this week's Sun (the tabloid), there is the
headline "Twin Peaks murderer revealed". The article has this big thing
about "don't read this if you want to keep the suspense" etc, but all
it says is that the Sun managed to obtain a copy of the European
version (no wonder they pay their operatives so much) and they describe
what happened in it.

4) On the 4/19 show on KOMO in Seattle, about 15 minutes before the end
there was a little "newsbreak" and the story was "missing person mystery
in the Snohomish river". How strange.

Guess what I had last night...yes, a baguette with brie and butter. Mmmmmf.

- Adam Barr               {uunet,uw-beaver}!microsoft!adamba