Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who did it
From: Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU
Date: 1990-05-03, 05:59

I reviewed the pilot last night.  First, the timing is wrong for someone
who happened to be watching Donna and James to be the one who dug up the
locket.  The sequence of events is: Donna and James drive away, they get
arrested, they go to jail, Doc takes Donna in the car, they go to the
roadhouse and who knows where else, Cooper says good night to Truman,
Truman and Josie get together, Catherine gets a call from Ben, Sarah has
her vision and the locket is dug up.  (Note: I was wrong earlier when I
said Doc Hayward is shown in this sequence: the scene I was thinking of
happens earlier.)

Far too much time elapses between the time where James and Donna drive
away and the locket is dug up.  If the digger was watching them, he
would simply walk over and pick it up a few minutes after they left.

The digger is also not Doc Hayward, because he was wearing a gray
overcoat at the police station, and the digger has on a denim jacket and
leather work gloves.

He's also not the one-armed man, since he has a shielded flashlight in
one hand and picks up the locket with the other.  And he can't be any of
the people I mentioned in the first paragraph, since they're doing
something else.  The digger is also a man, from the clothing and body

Who's left: Pete Martell, Leland Palmer, Leo Johnson, Andy, Hawk, Ed
Hurley, Dr. Jacoby, Major Briggs (from the main male characters so far).

I think the most likely choices among these are Pete Martell, Leo
Johnson, or Ed Hurley.

I'm really at a loss to explain the digging.  The only remaining
possibilitiy, which I consider somewhat unlikely, is that Doc Hayward
got his daughter to tell him where the locket is, and then called the
digger and told him.  (I think this is unlikely because the digger walks
directly to the place that they buried the locket, and picks it up.  He
doesn't search around.)

Note that I say digger, not killer -- they aren't necessarily the same
person.  But I believe they are, from the direction of Sarah's vision.

-- J