Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Dominos
From: (David Jason Kyle)
Date: 1990-05-04, 06:11

O.K. folks...what are the guesses as to what the double threes domino means?

Interesting that the dead body of Bernard was wrapped up just like Laura
Palmer's body.  Jacques was the bartender I believe...he was the one
returning to the bar when he saw the red light and knew there was

Hank *says* he went to jail for an accident.  Looked to me like he was
playing it up for the parole board.  "Victim of fate"...hmph.

When did Leo get time to beat up on his wife again before she returned
to work (after she was with Mr. Quarterback)?  She walks in talking
about getting hit...

Audrey seems to have spilled the beans about a lot of things, so do we
rule all of that out because that what D.L. EXPECTS us to believe...  ;-)
(Agreed, she is becoming one of the better characters...)

The Llama was a howl!  Not to mention the fact that after it looks at
Cooper and grunts, the sheriff looks to be making a major effort not to
laugh.  I wonder how many times they had to run that scene before they
got that take...

Why is the secretary mad at the deputy?  (I'm even worse with names...)