Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who did it
From: bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU (Barry Gingrich)
Date: 1990-05-04, 13:12

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >In article , Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes...
> >} Now, who knew where the locket was?  Only James Hurley and Donna
> >} Hayward. [...] Unless some unknown person was standing there and
> >} watching them as they buried it -- but in that case we can't
> >} conclude anything about the killer.
> >Aren't you totally missing the obvious here?  Like, that Jacoby might
> >have been the one who dug it up?

I agree.  I'm beginning to think that Jacoby is the 
"stranger in the woods" who dug up the locket and also
the one behind the tree in the Leo/Bobby/Mike football scene.
My reason:  Jacoby mentions something about "his own investigation."
This would probably imply snooping into the lives of other 
people, especially those Laura had spoken about.

Further, I'd bet that Jacques is the "J" that she was
nervous about meeting that night, mostly because of the
drug connection and the fact that Jacques is the kind
of guy one would be nervous about meeting.
-- - Barry OR bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU