Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: One-Eyed Jack's and the Perfume Counter
From: (William Rideout)
Date: 1990-05-05, 11:05

This regards the insidious perfume counter! (I smell a rat.)

In a previous episode (#2 Ithink) Ben Horne remarks to his brother that
"there's a new girl at One-Eyed Jacks...freshly scented from the perfume
counter!" Since both Laura and Ronnette worked at Horne Department Store's
perfume counter is this the conduit for fresh talent at the brothel?
Will Ben allow his daughter Audrey to join the club now that she wants to work
at the perfume counter as well?

Also, was the Kitty reference in Laura's diary about one of the girls at Jack's
? You'll note (if you have the tape) that all the girls were wearing collars 
or chokers. Laura wrote "Kitty got a new collar today."

Does anyone know what happened to Donna's younger sister? She covers for her in
in the pilot when Donna (she knows a lot more than she tells) sneaks off to see
James, but we never see her again. Not even when the family gathers for dinner
in the first episode. A throwaway character? (Child actor abuse!)

I'm impressed with the level of discussion in this newsgroup. It's quite 
thought provoking...even though it is just television. We all need our

Britt Rideout