Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Tim Burton; llamas; Ghostwood (was: 5/3 Episode)
From: dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson)
Date: 1990-05-07, 07:22

    >> I thought the direction of the 5/3 episode was the worst yet.  
    >>Jon Webb

  > I dunno.  I thought the direction was pretty good this time around.  Best of
  > the non-Lynch directed ones, in my opinion.  
  >Barry Gingrich
Re: Tim Burton; 
  I agree with Barry. The director of episode 4[0] (5/3) was Tim Burton, of Batman
  and Beetlejuice. Good weird camera angles and surreal surgical lighting: the scene
  where the lawmen ran up the outside steps of Jacques's apartment could have been
  done by a Lynch understudy.

Re: llamas:
  Llamas sniff peoples' breath to identify them. Dogs sniff private parts, llamas
  sniff mouths. That's what Dolly the llama was doing in the satanic vet's office.
  Bet it wasn't hard to get her to play her part; as a previous poster noted, the
  hard part was keeping HSTruman's face straight. (He *almost* manages it.)

Re: Ghostwood:
  As Norma and Shelly's scene in the RR opens, the camera pans from a large model
  soft-serve ice cream cone past the milk dispenser. On the side are stuck two
  crude posters that read "Say NO to Ghostwood." Ghostwood is the name of the
  Horne brothers' development project; there seems to be an underground resistance
  campaign going on.
  Could the project's name be a reference to the "ancient evil in the woods?" Must
  be a well-known local legend.

  "Thanks, Toad. I'll be sure to get this into my retirement fund A-S-A-P."
  (Norma to departing customer, re: his tip; spoken in measured cadence)

  "We're gonna be the knockouts of the double-R!"
  (Norma to Shelly)

--Keith Dawson