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Subject: Re: Finley's Fine Twine
From: (bmay)
Date: 1990-05-08, 08:41
Reply-to: bmay@yoda.UUCP ()

In article <> (Charles Hawkins Mingo) writes:
}	With all this analyses of various minor details (e.g. significance
}of color red, favorite brands of gum, etc), I'm surprised that noone has
}pondered why Agent Cooper asked Deputy Andy to purchase a roll of twine
}before Cooper visits the vet above the convenience store.  Later, Andy gives
}Cooper a roll [...] but Coop doesn't do anything with it. Why?

Because he is going to send it to Albert for analysis!  I beleive he asked Andy to get fine twine because that is what was used to tie Laura's arms.  The
conv. store is next to the clinic where Jaques myna bird was a patient--a 
reasonable source for the twine used on Laura.

Again, I can't imagine a myna bird attacking a live person.  The bird bites
and claw marks must have come after she was dead--her corpse at the Lydecker
clinic?  (Does Cooper notice the "Aid to the beast incarnate" sign over the 
clinic, or is this an audience clue only?)
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