Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Tim Burton; llamas; Ghostwood (was: 5/3 Episode)
From: jfr@Tellabs.COM (John Ryder)
Date: 1990-05-08, 10:53

In article <4a40230b.20b6d@apollo.HP.COM> dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson) writes:
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> >Re: Tim Burton; 
> >  I agree with Barry. The director of episode 4[0] (5/3) was Tim Burton, of Batman
> >  and Beetlejuice. Good weird camera angles and surreal surgical lighting: the scene
> >  where the lawmen ran up the outside steps of Jacques's apartment could have been
> >  done by a Lynch understudy.

Batman? BATMAN????!!! Tim Burton??? As Lucy used to say in the "Peanuts"
cartoon strip, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHO!!!". You'd better go and watch your
tape copy again, if you have one. The director was Tim HUNTER. He directed
the film "River's Edge", which had Dennis Hopper in it. It was a movie about
a high school guy who kills his girlfriend and eventually tells his friends 
about it, and they all go and see the body (at the edge of a river - 
interesting Laura Palmer connection), but none of them will go to the
authorities. It was probably due to this Lynch-like film that he was chosen for
a Twin Peaks episode. I thought the 5/3 episode was one of the better weekly
installments, certainly an improvement over the 4/26 show. Oh well,
Keith, even if you got your directors wrong I agree with you about
the scene involving the raid on Jacques' apartment and the lighting,
camera angles, etc. It was my favorite scene in that episode.