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Subject: Re: Who the dwarf in the dream was
From: tim@hoptoad.uucp (Tim Maroney)
Date: 1990-05-08, 00:29
Reply-to: tim@hoptoad.UUCP (Tim Maroney)

In article
(Paul Christopher Workman) writes:
> >I just had an weird (and probably inaccurate) idea:
> >perhaps the dwarf in Cooper's dream was Waldo the
> >myna bird!  That weird shaking he did in the beginning
> >of the dream sequence looked sort of like a bird preening.
> >
> >Or maybe not.

Uh.  Well.  Er.

Isn't the dwarf just one of the souls of the dead that Hawk talked
about?  Wasn't the shaking as he was turned away form the camera simply
him composing his human form?

No, wait.  Madelyn is the mynah bird.  Lucy is the Dalai Lama, and
Killer Bob is actually the time-travelled and sex-changed Josie
Packard!  The dwarf was the washed Little Elvis, the shoe salesman is
actually missing a foot as well, Ronette's capture had nothing to with
Laura, and Tibet is a small town about thirty miles east of here.  The
mill was built by aliens, Rover is a giant ping-pong ball, and the
walrus was Ringo!  Meanwhile, in Rippington, Nancy and Yoogie are
having a snack with their pet budgie Simon, and across the Atlantic,
Rich Rosen is leading cultists in a horrific sacrifice to Kate Bush,
Bigfoot is alone with a copy of Flesh World, I'm having treatment, and
La Fontaine can get knotted.
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