Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: twine
From: lester@ttidca.TTI.COM (jim)
Date: 1990-05-10, 18:54

In article <> (Paul Raveling) writes:
> >In article <830@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU>, bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU
> >(Barry Gingrich) writes:
>> >> Is "TWINe" another cosmic pun?  
> >	OK, puns can get worse.  Remember that Laura was bound with
> >	twine, apparently in a box car on the railroad?  Well, a
> >	railroad is often called a pike.  Pronounce "Twin Peaks"
> >	with a severe southern accent and you can easily get
> >	"Twine Pikes".
  Yeah, and pronounce Ben & Jerry's last name in two syllables.  Ben's
voracious appetites...hungry, horn-y, twin-e...
  Re: the this a foreshadowing of the downfall of all the up-
standing citizens of TP (Domino Theory)?  Who gots a guess at its meaning?
In dice, if you roll 2 sixes you call it "boxcars."  Could two treys in
dominoes be one "boxcar," the site of the ritual?
  My friend's latest theory is that the citizens sacrifice body parts to the
EVIL in the woods to avoid, uh, well, who knows?   (As an aside & response
to a recent posting, could the twins have been seperated at birth in order
to eventually sacrifice one of them (obviously not a virgin) to the EVIL at,
say, age 18?  Yeah, I know I'm stretching it, but Lynch makes me think.
  Concerning Lucy going undercovers at OEJ's, it's too risky.  Some customers
might recognize her.
  I still want to know about the percolated fish.
  The dwarf could represent the spirit world, as in some cultures (Tibet??)
dwarfs are revered as having a direct link to the nether lands.
  Firewalking in some cultures (far Eastern, possibly a weak link to Josie
(w/ one "i" whose name is really Jocylyn) is ritually done to ward off evil
spirits.  Hmmmm.
  Bobby runs away from Jacques' apartment, chased by Hawk.  Hawk comes back
and tells Cooper "I lost him in the woods."  We haven't seen Bobby alive
since that scene, have we???  We did see a body wrapped in plastic, and
Leo told Ben that it's Jacques' frere.  But I wouldn't put it past Leo to
tell a white lie.
  And since nobody mentioned it, I'll bring it up: Cooper's hair when he
awakens from his dream!  Fine hair.  And stiff!  Sort of a single peak :-)
  Well, just a few hours til the 5/10 episode.
	 Twin Peaks: Not Just another Who-donut.