Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: more stuff on 5/10
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-05-11, 14:17

First of all, I think that the preview for next week was deliberately
misleading (and I agree that showing Leo alive was sorta lame). 
We see  Leo aiming at Shelly and Bobby, then firing a shot, but
I think the next shot of the blood on the donuts is *deliberately* misleading.
Why would S&B have a big stack of donuts in the house?  And besides, they
were *outside* when Leo was aiming.  Seems more likely to me that
one of our fine police/fbi people are going to be in a little bit
of trouble...maybe...?

I definitely think that there was an outside speaker from the cabin
in the woods...Hawk heard it from pretty far away.  Altough Hawk seems
pretty sensitive to these things, and the music was pretty loud.
"There's always music in the air..."

I had a similar reaction as someone but I forgot to note their
name to the Leland dance scene.  *Maybe* Audrey put the record on,
but wasn't she still spying on Catherine and Ben when it began?
But I first felt really bad for Leland, but then was laughing out
loud as the whole antler dance thing began (I did not find
it to be 3's Company-ish at all, as suggested by another poster), but
when they showed Audrey crying, my stomach sank and I burst into
tears.   I thought she seemed truly sad/moved by the whole thing.
She's definitely a woman of deep feeling, and so she knows how to
get what she wants, that doesn't make her completely selfish and
uncaring...I was really freaked out by this whole scene and the
range of emotions I experienced...

The wig on 'Laura Palmer' in the previews is just too obvious, and
it's GOT to Maddie...that mouth is a dead giveaway...that could
get a little weird for the townspeople...

I think that Bobby's confessions to Jacoby were a crock.  I don't 
trust him; he's out to protect himself and no one else.

And to make this even longer, there was a huge spread in the
SF Chronicle yesterday in the People section, where 5 Bay area
mystery writers gave their own conclusions to
of them was so good that I thought I was reading the real ending
for a second (before I read the introductory stuff) and didn't 
*want* to read the ending but couldn't stop myself...the other four
were mediocre, but catch it if you can.

oh, one more thing, the scene between Donna and James was so
ridiculous...they're actually starting to get on my nerves.  But
it was just SO sappy that I just know there's something hinging on it

OH and the shots of Josie smoking in the dark with that AMAZING
music/sound in the background was just too unreal!!!  I KNEW she
was going to be a bad guy.  Poor HST.  She's got her hands in
too many pots.  I hope nothing happens to Pete!

enough enough enough.