Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: twine
From: (Paul Christopher Workman)
Date: 1990-05-13, 19:15
Newsgroups: (Rich Rosen) writes:

> > Talk like this has me thinking that maybe what we're really watching is a
> > retelling of The Wicker Man.  Audrey's romp in the hay with Cooper (if
> > consummated) would tend to discredit this notion, but maybe she's trying to
> > save him.

Actually, this would fit in perfectly with "The Wicker Man."
In W.M., there's a scene where the local sex goddess
(played by Britt Ekland, maybe) tries to seduce the policeman,
apparently to test his resolve (to remain a virgin), to make
sure he's a good sacrifice, I suppose.

I think a parallel between W.M. and T.P. is a definite
possibility; the more I watch T.P., the more I'm convinced
that Lynch & Frost are taking references from lots of
different movies.  I suppose we'll see next episode.

I find it difficult to accept, however, that Cooper
could be manipulated in the same way as in W.M.  He
just sees too much of what's going on.  Unless he's
really NOT psychic, and everyone in Twin Peaks just
agrees with everything he says to fool him.