Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Comments ...
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-05-18, 09:45

In article <21284@boulder.Colorado.EDU>, kelley@boulder.Colorado.EDU
(Kelley McDonald) writes:

> > I really think that Leland killed his own daughter.

	At this moment I think you're right, but haven't made sense
	of one key factor.  That last scene with Leland hyperventilating
	in the trees was pretty graphic, despite never showing an
	image of him.

	Here's a possible scenario:

	    --	Leland really DOES adore Laura in a way that would
		be "wholesome" if not carried to an extreme degree.

	    --	Leland found out about at least some of the various
		shit Laura was involved in.  On the night of the
		murder he followed her into the woods to either check
		his suspicions or "watch over her".

	    --	He saw what was going on among Jacques, Leo, Laura,
		and Ronette, at least to some extent.  Instead of
		a normal reaction, his psychotic reaction was "If
		I can't have her noone can".  In this sense he'd
		be like the guy who set his son afire in real life.

	    --	For some reason Jacques and Leo left the cabin
		for awhile, reason to be determined.  Leland came in,
		cut Ronette loose, and killed Laura by beating her
		with the Myna bird.  That's why Waldo was in ill health.

	    --	Leo and/or Jacques return, find Laura.  Leo wraps
		her corpse in his characteristic style and disposes
		of it.

	The problem I have is that Leland was composed the next day
	until word came that Laura was dead.  If he killed her because
	he was out of control, the only way to explain this composure
	would seem to be that it was such a traumatic night for him
	that he blocked it out of his memory.

	So there's my theory... 6 days and counting until it gets
	shot down.

Paul Raveling