Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who is the heavy breather?
From: (Rich Rosen)
Date: 1990-05-18, 18:37

In article <>, (Greg Sandell) writes:
> > After we watch James & friend sneak into Jacoby's and Bobby
> > put a white substance in James' gastank, we return to where
> > Madeline is, we get the viewpoint of the heavy breather again,
> > with the satanic sounds again...and this time he is peering
> > through the curtains of what looks like a hotel.  On first 
> > watching, I guess I just sort of confused this viewpoint with
> > that of Bobby, but on re-viewing, it's clearly a different
> > person.

> > So who is he?  He could easily be Leo,...

> > How about Leland Palmer (that's Laura's dad, right?)?

Wait a sec...  Jacoby took a close look at the tape after hanging up the
phone, and noted the gazebo in the background, right?  So more than likely
he was the one whose perspective we were seeing that scene from.  (But then
again, what *did* Leland do after he saw Lau...  whoops, Maddy leaving the
"When you told your secret name, I burst in flame and burned..."
		Rich Rosen