Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Casual observance
From: (Tristan A. Farnon)
Date: 1990-05-19, 22:01

Previously, several individuals speculated as to whether or not
Black Rose ("Blackie") was in actuality Nadine (Miss Silent Drape Runner,

Some have double-checked their archives and still AREN'T SURE.

The two look completely different, yes.. but with makeup, lighting,
a different wig or hairstyle, and minus the eyepatch.. I am led to 
believe there is a SLIM possibility the two are one in the same.

I will not put any money on it (I am probably WRONG WRONG WRONG), but all 
the same, it is interesting to think about Nadine owning a place
called "One Eyed Jack's".

Even more interesting to think about, is that both Ed and Nadine (apparant
victims handcuffed together in a hapless marriage) are wearing disguises..
and do not recognize each other yet.

Next week, (if this is true), we can look forward not only to a 
confrontation between Audrey and Cooper, but Ed and Nadine as well.