Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Possible *SPOILERS* from magazines
From: (A Modem User)
Date: 1990-05-19, 15:12

...Those of you who don't want to hear anything about what MIGHT happen
next week should get out of this message while the getting's good.

In the meantime, I assume many of you have read the Rolling Stone interview
with David Lynch (The issue with the B-52's on the cover). In it they are
discussing a scene in which Cooper and Truman discover the killer -- He is
some bizarre guy dancing around an altar decorated with various "found"
objects, including a human ear that a deranged fan had sent in to Lynch.

Now, I haven't seen the European movie version of "Twin Peaks". Is the
'drifter named Robert' this same man? Or is this a scene yet to take place
in the series? This would be a little weird, since Mark Frost, the co-
creator of the series, is directing the last episode, not Lynch. We shall

Another thing I got out of some magazine called "Millimeter" shows Truman
and Cooper in a cemetery, apparently looking at Laura's grave. In the
foreground there is a tombstone inscribed: "MURLIN / I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK"

Something else that was seen in the Euro version, or is a late-night inves-
tigation at the cemetery another piece of the final episode?

Just curious..