Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Donahue and possible spoiler--
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-05-21, 23:50

In article (Jonathan D.) writes:
> >On Donahue just now, Mr. Post (the exec producer) just indicated that
> >he was just informed that Twin Peaks has been renewed.

Today, Monday the 21st, I tuned into Donahue on my local channel,
channel 3 which services the Sacramento Valley, CA, but no Twin
Peaks cast.  In its place was a show on racism.  Did anyone else
have this same problem? Is the station which Donahue is shown here
behind a day or more? Is there a chance that someone could help
me by giving me an indication when the TP episode of Donahue might
be on--I am in the middle of final papers and thus not able to
check everyday for myself?

POSSIBLE SPOILER concerning last week's preview of the season finale.

Okay much of what was shown were scenes from past episodes, but the
last scene, the car chase definetly was new.  Looking at the scene
I see someone who appears to be wearing an orange shirt; whoever
it was was getting out of a big car, a cad or continental, when
he/she is surrounded by squad cars.  So I looked back to see who
was wearing orange, but could not find anyone, the closest person
was Donna. Also interesting is that Coop and Ed are the ones with
the big car, a new cad for their One-Eyed Jacks sojourn.
Did anyone notice this? Was anyone able to pick
out who it might be? And is this just a false clue, and the
person being aprehended is not the murder, but envolved in one
of the other numerous sem-illegal activities?

As for Leland, was I the only one who thought it was strange
that in the pilot, when HST came by to tell about Laura, that
he immediately assumed that she was dead; he did ask if she
was hurt, and how bad. Seems to me people first assume that
one is possibly badly hurt, but not dead for they do not want
to admit the worse, hoping it is not true.  Maybe Leland then
is envovled. Either the incest theory is true, or (I lean 
toward this theory) that to be apart of Ben's elite group
he sacrificed his daughter to him as a plaything--though
a little of both could be true.  I doubt he actually killed
her, but her death was not a complete shock to him, her
dying had always been a possiblity as a result of her 
lifestyle, a style impossed upon her by him.

Also, the scene where Leland dances around with Laura's pic
has always bothered me.  I might be completely loony, but
it seems to me that it is Mrs. Palmer whose hand is actually
cut when the glass protecting the picture breaks; Leland
then rubs his hands on hers, bloodying his hands too, and
then he proceeds to wipe the blood onto Laura's pic.
Another possiblity is that they both cut their hands, but it
was Leland who wiped the blood on the pic.  Can anyone
possitively confirm or deny this.  Can someone re-check
and see if this is true before flaming me for being 
totally out of the ballpark.  If I am right then that could
change a lot, that either it is Mrs. Palmer who is
the one with the blooded hands, and Leland is innocent,
or they both are guilty, but she more than he.  Someone
posted that she could be some sort of a Lady MacBeth,
if the way I saw the scene is right then this theory
might be correct too.  She is a Lady MacBeth who 
conviced her husband to engage in something, possibly an
involvment with the Horne's which resulted in Laura's 
association with them, an association which Leland believes
caused her death, hence his behavior.

It seems to me that Laura is a personification of Twin Peaks.
Just like within her corpse there are numerous secrets to
be discovered not only of her death but many others concerning
the town, within each episode of the show there are to be
found numerous clues which point to the murder, yet which also
point to the various goings on in the town. 

Wednesday morning, off to buy donuts and start brewing my
coffee, TP that night at 10.