Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Some late word from the Frost folks
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-05-21, 08:24

	Yesterday my wife & I spent the afternoon and evening with
	Scott Frost and Valerie West (Scott's wife, my cousin).  BTW,
	Valerie provides some fun insight too, like ...

	    "When Ben Horne and the new girl slid behind the curtain
	    at One-Eyed Jack's Scott cracked up; he said there's
	    nothing but a toilet behind that curtain!"

	Anyway here's as much news as I can recall before coffee
	this morning:

	1.  After we talked about a number of theories about assorted things,
	    not just who killed Laura, Scott said we can expect some
	    surprises in episode 7.  It WILL bring closure to some threads
	    of the plot, presumably starting with who killed Laura, but
	    will also leave a foundation of questions to build on
	    next season.

	2.  Twin Peaks, pilot through #7, will rerun as a mini-series
	    this summer.

	3.  ABC has renewed for next season.  They're definitely
	    committed to 13 episodes; they seem to have an option
	    of sorts for an additional 7, but the status of additional
	    episodes is less clear.

	4.  The bearded guy in the negligee was the show's property

	5.  The rock-throwing scene was written by Mark Frost, and
	    its shooting demonstrated the actors' almost superhuman
	    ability to stay in character despite humorous circumstances.

		This scene was shot in order, with Kyle MacLachlan
		actually throwing the rocks; they didn't use a baseball
		pitcher as a double.  In the early parts his throwing
		had been "way out out of the strike zone", and apparently
		he'd been taking a lot of ribbing about his throwing accuracy.

		When they came to Leo, Kyle actually nailed the bottle
		on the first try.  Everyone off camera cracked up and
		was more or less rolling on the ground as soon as the
		bottle broke.

		Meanwhile, the actors stuck to the script as directed
		and went into that dead serious bit that made such a
		dramatic conclusion to the scene.  Finally, when Lynch
		yelled "cut", they broke up and joined the delerium.	

	    So it's not just silly Lamas that produce the challenge
	    of keeping a straight face.

	6.  The interior scenes (most of the show) were shot in a
	    warehouse in Van Nuys that they converted to a sound stage.

	    ...and it looks like I'll get a chance to visit it before
	    moving to Sacramento next month !!!

	7.  Except, "Invitation to Love" was shot in one of the
	    modestly famous local houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright.
	    (Not Hollyhock house, the other famous one up in the Griffith
	    Park area.  Somehow none of us could remember its name
	    last night.)

	    BTW, David Lynch lives in a house designed by Lloyd Wright,
	    son of the famous architect.

Paul Raveling