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Subject: Re: Donahue and possible spoiler--
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-22, 04:40

In article <>, (S. A. Wilson) writes...

} Today, Monday the 21st, I tuned into Donahue on my local channel, channel
} 3 which services the Sacramento Valley, CA, but no Twin Peaks cast.  In
} its place was a show on racism.  Did anyone else have this same problem?
} Is the station which Donahue is shown here behind a day or more?

Possibly. In the Boston area, there are (at least) two stations that
carry Donahue, on ein the late morning, one in the late afternoon. The
morning one was not with the TP cast (don't recall what the topic was),
but the afternoon one was.

} Okay much of what was shown were scenes from past episodes, but the
} last scene, the car chase definetly was new.  Looking at the scene
} I see someone who appears to be wearing an orange shirt; whoever
} it was was getting out of a big car, a cad or continental, when
} he/she is surrounded by squad cars.

Hunh?  To me, it looked like Leo's pick-up truck that the squad cars
are surrounding.

} And is this just a false clue, and the person being aprehended is not
} the murder, but envolved in one of the other numerous sem-illegal
} activities?

That depends. What makes you think the scene is supposed to be a clue?
And what makes you think that the person being apprehended is Laura's
murderer?  Remember, one of the basic built-in elements of previews is
misdirection (just take a look at the discussion about the blood on the

Now, as long as we're talking about the "apprehension" scene in the
previews... The last shot shows Harry walking toward the camera. In
the background, we see Deputy Andy standing with his gun drawn and
pointed in the same direction. It's probably just my imagination, and
he's taking aim on whoever the quarry is, but it also looks as if maybe
he's pointing at Harry's back. Definitely gave me an ominous chill.

} As for Leland, was I the only one who thought it was strange that in
} the pilot, when HST came by to tell about Laura, that he immediately
} assumed that she was dead [...]

Well, so did his wife. Does that mean that she was in on it, too?  Hell,
she was even "worse" than Leland. The minute Leland said that Truman was
there, she went into hysterics.

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