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Subject: Re: Let it Die (was Re: Peaks article was hoax, sorry :-)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-22, 22:23

In article <>, (Dale Wyttenbach) writes...

} If they "renew" TP, what kind of soap-opera plot gimmick will they use to
} keep Agent Cooper in town?

Well, it depends. Some time back, I asked about whether there could be an
FBI office in Spokane, my reasoning being that Spokane was relatively
close to where Twin Peaks is supposed to be located, and would account
for Cooper arriving on the scene so quickly. A follow-up claimed that
Spokane was certainly big enough that such was a possibility.

If there *is* an FBI office in Spokane (and even if there isn't in real
life, there could be in the TP universe), they could contrive a situation
where Cooper settles down in TP (he was considering buying property there)
and works out of the Spokane office).

The other thing to consider is if the show maintains its one episode equals
one day format, a season's worth of episode would encompass three weeks,
and there may well be enough plot threads left hanging around to keep
Coop around for at least that long.

My prediction: The murder of Laura Palmer will not be solved. I'm betting
that enough is presented to make it clear to us who the perp is, but that
it won't necessarily be clear to Coop and the boys. Thus, they can continue
to work on that case. It then becomes a COLUMBO-style story, in which we
know the perp and watch to see how the Authorities figure it out.

I also suspect that the Sawmill business will be left hanging as a plot
thread for next year.

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