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Subject: Re: Who is the heavy breather?
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-05-22, 06:03

barr@Apple.COM (Ron Barr) writes:
> > writes:
> >
>> > >I thought is was Doc Jacoby's view, as he seemed to have figured
>> > >out where the
>> > >Madeline/Laura videotape was taken.
> > 
> > I watched the episode again, and the heavy breather was watching Bobby
> > watch the trio while they called Jacoby. I think it has to be Leland.

Don't be so sure; I'm sure *I'm* not sure.  It could easily be Leo, as
well.  Picture this:  Bobby follows James, looking for an opportunity
to frame him.  Leo follows Bobby, looking for an opportunity to kill
him.  Leo spots "Laura," and suddenly his plans change; killing Bobby
can wait, so he sticks around after Bobby leaves to check out "Laura,"
who he's sure was dead.

Then again, it could be Leland.  If it's Leland, the plot takes an
interesting new twist.  If it's Leo, it's just the same old
trouble-making Leo.  I guess let's hope it's Leland (or Killer Bob!).

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