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Subject: Re: Mr. Tojimura
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-10-30, 21:14

In article <2024@maus.Morgan.COM>, maus@Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin) writes...
} I'll believe it when someone comes up with verification of Yamaguchi-san's
} appearance in another play/movie/TV show.

The burden of proof is on you to prove that Fumio Yamaguchi does *not*

} Let me start the ball rolling with some negative information:

} The TV guide listing definitely links Fumio Yamaguchi with the bearded
} Mr. Tojimura.

Why is this negative? Seems to me like it supports the idea that there is
an actor named Fumio Yamaguchi, and that he plays Mr. Tojamura [note the
correct spelling].

} He's not in the Martin/Porter guide.

Neither are any of the following cast members of TWIN PEAKS (and I did
*not* check *everyone* on my cast list):

Deputy Andy Brennan Harry Goaz
Lucy Moran Kimmy Robertson
Sid [The Judge's law clerk] Claire Stansfield
District Attorney Daryl Lodwick Ritch Brinkley
Jonathan [Josie's cousin] Mak Takano
Sylvia Horne [mother] Jan D'Arcy
Laura Palmer [dead] Sheryl Lee
Madeleine Ferguson [cousin] Sheryl Lee
Donna Hayward Lara Flynn Boyle
"Doc" Will Hayward [Donna's father] Warren Frost
Eileen Hayward [mother] Mary Jo Deschanel
Harriet Hayward [sister #1] Jessica Wallenfels
Bobby Briggs Dana Ashbrook
James Hurley James Marshall
Nadine Hurley [aunt] Wendy Robie
Ronette Pulaski Phoebe Augustine
Shelly Johnson Madchen Amick
Leo Johnson [husband] Eric Da Re
Margaret, the Log Lady Catherine E. Coulson
Phillip Michael Gerard [The One-Armed Man] Al Strobel
"Killer Bob" Frank Silva
The Giant Carel Struycken
Einar Thorson [Icelandic investor] Brian Straub
Heba [Icelandic investor] Mary Stavin

} He's not listed in the Maltin guide under any of Kurosawa's films, nor
} TORA(3), nor MERRY XMAS, Mr. LAWRENCE (Just a hunch.) This is obviously
} not a very exhaustive search, but I think it makes it unlikely that he is
} a Japanese citizen. If he exists, he is more likely to be Japanese-American.
} (I also checked the credits of every Japanese film at the local RKO. No
} dice.)

There's a rather well-known Japanese actor by the name of Yusaku Matsuda.
At least, he's well-known in Japan, in both films and television. Outside
of Japan, he's virtually unknown. Martin & Porter only list one film he's
been in -- a subtitled Japanese import entitled THE FAMILY GAME. M&P do
*not* list him, however, for the role of his that most people will likely
recognize him from: the villain Sato in BLACK RAIN.

The fact that you have not been able to track down a credit for Fumio
Yamaguchi doesn't mean shit. He could be in dozens of Japanese films that
never made it to the US.

} He's not listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica. (No, I wasn't looking for
} for the actor--I thought maybe Lynch/Frost would use the name of a famous
} or obscure Japanese figure. No listing under Fumio or Yamaguchi)

Seems to me that this "evidence" suggests that it's not a made-up name.

} Let's try to stick to facts and not "He is so." "He is not." sorts of
} arguments folks. I'm still reeling from the "who was the guy in the
} rain?" discussion.

I agree, let's stick to facts. However, I also suggest that the proper
procedure is to assume that the credit is legitimate in the absence of
evidence to the contrary. That's why I say the burden of proof is on the
people who say that Mr. Tojamura is Catherine in disguise.


"Good thing you guys can't keep a secret."

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