Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: I'm married to BOB
From: (David Brightbill)
Date: 1990-11-01, 18:22

In article <46216@apple.Apple.COM> scott@Apple.COM (scott douglass) writes:
> >Fiona Oceanstar -- you're the psychologist, right?  Well, do they
> >really send forty-year-old women with extraordinary strength who
> >believe they're still in high school home with their husbands?  And
> >what about Leo?  Would they send him home for his teenaged wife to
> >look after?  Sounds like Doc Hayward's trying to clear out the
> >hospital!
> >

It's just that health care has become very expensive.  Look at what
happened to menatl health care.  During the Carter admin, large hospitals
were closed down in favor of community based care.  During the Regan years,
funding for the community based programs was cut and as a result, the streets
of our cities are full of crazy people.  As far as Leo is concerned, who
is going to pay his hospital bills?  He'll be luckey if he gets a weekly
visit from the county nurse.

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