Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks and Tacoma (was Re: 10/27 episode)
From: (Bob Kelley)
Date: 1990-11-01, 22:48

In the first show and on the "DIANE ...the Agent Cooper" tape by Simon and
Schuster, Special Agent Dale Cooper says somehting like "TWin Peaks...12 miles
fromthe Idaho border and 8 miles from the Canada border...Ronnette Pulaski
was found wandering across the stateline (in Idaho)...that's why the FBI
has been called in."

I think this about locates Twin Peaks.  Before I found out this info, I
was using all the Highway references and city references to try and locate
the place -- don't try --it doesn't map out.  Example, Doc Hayward mentions
that he got a friend from "Fairvale" or something like that to do the autopsy.
There is a city like this (slightly different name) across the Canada border
near the mythic location.   The one-armed man is staying in a hotel "on Route
15 ?".  There is such a route but it is across southern Washington state.
There is no lake that stretches from Washington to Canada at the right place,
and with a casino at one side and a waterfall nearby.  Snoqualmie (site of the 
actual waterfall and lodge shown in opening) is actually one hour east of 
Seattle.  Cooper tells Albert to take "Lewis Forks" and stop for a pie
"that'll kie you".  Ben Horne gets kidnapper directions with route numbers
and road info...mythic I bet.

That's all the info I've been able to get.  (Also the Pearl Lakes reference)