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Subject: Re: Unanswered Questions - Loose Ends
From: scott@bbxsda.UUCP (Scott Amspoker)
Date: 1990-11-01, 09:31

In article <> (Stuart Poulin) writes:
> >In article <31570006@hpsmpa.HP.COM> dapron@hpsmpa.HP.COM (Mike Dapron) writes:
>> >>
>> >>16. Where did the bass and drums come from in the infamous James,
>> >>    Donna, and Maddy sing on helium scene?
> >
> >The bass and drums didn't bother me - MIDI makes this possible....

Yes, but James was playing a guitar when the bass and drums joined in.
Syncronization would be a problem.  I supposed he could have pressed 
a footswitch which started up a sequencer but I didn't see any equipment 
like that in the scene.   :-)

More seriously:  Laura had been dead a little over a week, he just
got out of jail, he is in a love-triangle with Donna and Maddy -
why on Earth did they suddenly decide to get out the music equipment
and do a song?  Who's idea was it?  Did one of them call the other
two up and say "Hey, let's do a song"?

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