Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Hank's wallet: Secret FBI man?
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-02, 18:56

In article <> (Clay Luther) writes:
$ (Jack Brown) writes:
$$In article <42501@mips.mips.COM> (Richard Guion) writes:
$$$Jean took  a wallet out of Hank's pocket, flipped it open,
$$$and saw that it contained a badge of a member of the
$$$FBI.  At first, I thought this meant Hank was a good guy
$$ ^^^
$$I thought it was a Washington state attorney general department ID.  THis
$$would be supported by the fact that the fat man was the prosecuting 
$$attorney at Leland's hearing.
$I definitely saw the letters "FBI".  For some reason, I don't think it is the
$same wallet as the wallet Hank took from the DA.  Hank got it somewhere else.

What you saw on the ID was "BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS".
It's the state bureau though, not federal.  It says that on the ID too,
but in teeny blurry print at the bottom.  State of Washington.
They say as much about the ID owner in the show at least once too, and
he acts in this capacity at Leo's hearing.  Hank did get it off the DA 
at the diner.

Maybe Hank is compulsive thief.  He took someone's lighter at the diner too.

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