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Subject: Re: request for info: where is it??
From: (Stephen Hutchison)
Date: 1990-11-02, 12:58

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Subject: Re: request for info: where is it??
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> > glad@csli.Stanford.EDU (Clayton Glad):
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>> > >Can anyone summarize the various clues to locale that have appeared?
> > 
> > That's easy.  In Cooper's first dictation to Diane, driving into town,
> > he indicates that Twin Peaks is X miles east of the state border,
> > Y miles south of the Canadian border.  Someone who still has these things
> > on tape can supply values for X and Y, but his speech places TP firmly
> > in the North-Western corner of the state.  
> > 
> > Interestingly, last year's murder was in a different corner of the state.

I recall him saying it was 2 hours east of Spokane on HWY 2 - except that
HWY 2 does NOT go due east, and I'm not convinced it even passes thru Spokane.
However, there IS a highway which goes due east from Spokane, and 2 hours
takes you to St Regis, which is in Montana.

If HWY 2 is actually the one going north from Spokane then two hours will
take you to Canada.  Or almost, if you obey the 55mph limit.

However, the climate in that area is NOTHING like the Twin Peaks climate.
It's still deserty and cold and not a lot of rainfall.

Also the indians in that area are not the same ones described in an earlier