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Subject: Re: TP- Andy Lynched by Angry Mob
From: (Jack Brown)
Date: 1990-11-02, 11:46

In article <2056@maus.Morgan.COM> maus@Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin) writes:
> >
> >I've seen three films by Lynch: BLUE VELVET, DUNE, and WILD AT HEART.  I
> >didn't have any trouble picking out the bad guys in any of them.  It's
> >
> >Can anyone name a "hidden" villain in any of Lynch's movies?  Even the
> >traitorous Dr. Yueh was swiftly revealed as a baddie to the audience,
> >although the characters themselves did not know.  Similarly with Isabella

Lynch may have directed Dune, but he didn't decide who the villains were.
The villains were decided long ago by Frank Herbert when he wrote the book
Dune on which the movie was based.

Lynch could have some impact on the movie, but Yueh was destined by the
book to be a villain, not by Lynch.

I am not disagreeing with the rest of the post, I haven't seen the other
movies, I just get tired of people posting about Dune and giving the
impression that it was all Lynch's doing. It was mostly Herbert's.
(Except for those damn weirding modules!:))

OK, enough off-topic for now...

Jack Brown