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Subject: Re: WKLP revealed on Nov 10
From: phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips)
Date: 1990-11-02, 17:28
Reply-to: phillips@io.UUCP (Steve Phillips)

In article <> (Vipperla RaviKumar) writes:
> >
> >I don't think James followed Donna and Maddy.  Because
> >TV times of LA times gives a summary of NOV 3 episode as
> >
> >"Donna and Maddy are at Harold's mercy".

Of course James followed Donna and Maddy - you see him follow
Maddy out of the double-r diner.  He's going to pop into
Harold's at just the right moment to save the day...

This parallels Hawk's following Cooper and Truman to one-eyed
jack's.  Maybe we've just been watching twin peaks too much,
but we guessed right away (from the look Hawk gives Harry
when Harry says "goodnight") that Hawk was going to follow
Cooper and Harry to OEJ's and save their, uh, hides.

As long as I've started patting myself on the back, it was just
as obvious to us last season that Andy was going to redeem himself
by shooting some bad guy at the right time.  I couldn't believe
the idiot who claimed Andy's improved shooting was a clue that
he killed Laura.

- Steve

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