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Subject: "DIANE..." (Re: RE: Cooper and Floor Plan)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-03, 01:56

In article <44025@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU>, (Julie A Moran) writes...

} BTW, a lot of people write about the information contained in the Secret
} Diary. However, I'm curious about the tapes containing Cooper's messages
} to Diane. Has anyone bought the cassette? Does it merely contain the
} messages we've already heard on the show or is there additional material
} that would be of interest to the TP newsnet?

Most of the dictations that have appeared on the show itself are on the
tape. Most, but not all (eg. the one about looking into buying property
in TP is not on the tape). It even included Cooper's dictation while he
was lying wounded on the floor of his hotel room in the second season
premiere. While in retrospect, this is no big deal, the fact that the
tape was released about one or two weeks *before* the premiere made that
dictation interesting.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, there is additional material on the
tape -- written by Scott Frost, according to Paul Raveling -- that does
not appear in any of the broadcast episodes. Some of this additional
material is hysterically funny. An example:

	"Diane, 3 PM. Just back from the Lydecker Clinic.
	While a llama may produce some of the finest wool
	prized around the world, it's breath on the other
	hand could only be prized somewhere in the far
	reaches of llama hell."

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